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Canned Fruits

We offer an ample gamut of fresh and natural Canned Fruits which mainly includes Canned Litchi, Mango slice, Pear halves, Peach halves, Red Cherries etc. Canned Fruits are the most safe way to eat fruits in a day to day life. There is a belief that the Canned products contain preservatives. No. The process itself works as a preservative and nothing is added in it.

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Canned Litchi

Canned Litchi

Our manufacturing unit is situated amidst the Litchi Orchards in Litchi Export Zone of Uttrakhand. That is a sufficient proof that we are at best with Litchi. Try this and you will never forget its aroma.

pH Value : 4.5

Variety Available : Canned Litchi

Packaging Type Available : Can

Packaging Size Available : 1 Kg

Refrigeration Required : No

Storing Period : 18 Months

Canned Mango Slice

Canned Mango Slice

Being amidst the Mango & Litchi orchards we procure best of Dushehari Mango and process it. Dushehari Mango is the real king of Mangoes. After processing the taste of Dushehari improves. If you dont believe you have to try ours.

Color : Yellow

Packaging Type Available : Can

Packaging Size Available : 1 Kg

Purity : 100 %

Energy : 250 Kj (60 Kcal)

Fat : 0.38 G

Canned Peach Halves

Canned Peach Halves

Para Deluxe variety of Peach is considered to be best and Nainital is a place of it. We procure directly from orchards of Nainital and pack it the same day. This is the reason our Peach Halves are the best among the market. These are the best in aroma & its freshness. Lots of exotic desserts can be prepared

Storing Period : 24 Month

Packaging Size Available : 840gm

Usage Application : Great Compliment To All Types Of Dishes Including Appetizer, Main/side Dishes, Salad And Desserts

Packing : 12 x 850 Gms per carton

Variety Available : Canned Cherries

Features : Longer shelf life, Delicious taste , Purity

Canned Pear Halves

Canned Pear Halves

Uttrakhand is also famous for its multiple varieties of Pears. We select the best variety and process as fresh as on a tree. It is used in lots of desserts.

Type : Fresh Pear, Halves

Use : Eating

Style : Fresh

Cultivation Type : Common

Shelf Life : 0-2months

Color : Creamy

Variety : Fengshui Pear, Fragrant Pear, Golden Pear

Canned Pineapple Slice

Canned Pineapple Slice

The most commonly used fruit in various dishes is Pineapple, be it in a shape of round slice or in Bits. We procure our Pineapple from Sliguri & Sirsi. These places are considered the best for Pineapple. We make best of Pineapple Slices with best of aroma & freshness, packed in light sugar syrup.

Type : Sliced Pineapple

Use : Food, Juice, Snacks

Style : Canned

Shelf Life : 15 Days

Color : Yellow

Packaging : Carton Box

Form : Solid

Drying Process : Natural

Canned Red Cherries

Canned Red Cherries

Cherries are the fruit of Indian Heaven Kashmir. This red beauty is used in all the desserts. We make the best canned Cherries with a taste and gloss in it.

Type : Canned Cherries

Shape : Round

Certification : FSSAI Certified

Cultivation Type : Common

Shelf Life : 0-6months

Packaging : can

Taste : Sweet

Part : Fruit

Features : Complete Purity, Good For Health, Good For Nutrition

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